Welcome to the 2015 Buddhafield Programme!

Fanfare and Flourish … Let the Ceremony Begin!

Buddhafield Festival: Awakened Awareness

Wednesday 15 — Sunday 19 July 2015, Blackdown Hills, Somerset

The Buddhafield Festival is back! Faced as we are by the threat of climate change, dwindling resources and violent conflict, it is important that we take to heart the need to transform ourselves and engage with the significant problems of the world, not from a reaction to them, but from a higher perspective of insight and love.

Save £17 per adult by buying one of the limited-availability Earlybird Tickets, now on sale through the Buddhafield website.

Green Earth Awakening: Transform, Sustain, Thrive

Thursday 21 — Monday 25 May 2015, Blackdown Hills, Somerset

Connect with the land, learn vital skills and explore pathways towards a sustainable future. Featuring a range of green crafts, social change and ecology workshops. There will be meditation and Dharma talks, giving us the spiritual context to empower us to change. Plus dance, yoga and live music giving us the movement and play to connect as community and engage together. Tickets now on sale.

Buddhafield Retreat Programme

1 — 8 May, Ashdown Forest Retreat: Spinning Yarns, Telling Stories in the Forest

5 — 12 June, Women’s Retreat: Eyes of Love

15 — 21 June, Men’s Retreat: Lightning from the Earth

1 — 6 August, Family Friendly Village Retreat 1: Mind Reactive, Mind Creative

8 — 15 August, Family Friendly Village Retreat 2: Mind Reactive, Mind Creative

25 — 30 August, Big Summer Retreat: Awareness is Revolutionary

7 September — 3 October, Total Immersion Retreat: Meditating with the Trees

So there it all is! You can see the complete retreat programme on the website. Alternatively, you can book using the forms in the printed programme which will be winging it’s way to you (if you are on our mailing list) or to a Triratna Buddhist Centre near you in the next few weeks.

See you in a field!