Weekend Working Retreat

This photo set was taken on a Buddhafield Weekend Working Retreat held at our HQ Trevince House, near Crediton, Devon. From Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime of the last weekend of February 2013, 12 people did periods of practical work to help prepare for the coming season of camping activities.

Trevor took a party out to a barn to sort through our canvases, which were checked for damage.The team set aside those needing repair. Ratnarashi led a second team sorting through our store of 12v electric lighting, testing LEDs, switches and cables, then sorting and packing them in crates for later use.  Seán supervised the cleaning of our store of Hep2O plumbing joints: we have several hundred in several sizes, and they all needed scrubbing, sterilizing and collating into complete sets, packing and sealing each set into a bag ready for use. Rupadarshin, preparing new geodesic dome poles, led a coppicing team and Satyadarshin cooked (and took the photos).

We based the event around exploring a traditional Buddhist teaching, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Ratnarashi gave a short talk on the theme on Friday evening, and in between work periods he asked us to reflect on our experience of applying the teaching to the work.

We started Saturday and Sunday morning with a 40 minute collective meditation practice and had shorter sessions before lunch and dinner. We ended the event with a vegan roast Sunday lunch.

Photos by Satyadarshin.

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