Buddhafield Blog: Moving house

After the changes that came about in October of 2011, Buddhafield’s publicity team (both of us!) found ourselves subsumed into a new meeting, the Office and Communications Working Group.

Over the next few months it became apparent that we’ve now got several avenues to share news. A good thing. But Buddhafield being Buddhafield, each avenue — the main website, Facebook, the blog — is being covered by a different person. (Sometimes: there’s a certain amount of overlap. Thus you can see the potential for confusion!) We discovered that we weren’t being consistent about passing news items around between ourselves (because we’re busy), so that it was getting to be a bit too hit-or-miss whether an item on Facebook would make it’s way to the Latest News box on our own website. We’d also begun to talk about using Twitter, which meant that we’d got four or more folk doing essentially the same job.

Thus we thought we’d experiment with setting ourselves up with a new blog and add all the plugins necessary to help us syndicate news items. And this is it!

Let us know how you get on with it: love it or hate it, we don’t know unless you tell us. Comment below or send us an email.