Announcement on a new monthly post!

“An Artist is not a special kind of person, every person is a special kind of Artist”
Pygmy Proverb

Do you wander with words or ponder with paint? Do you still your mind through music or dance? What do you find beautiful that stirs your imagination and devotion?

We are starting a monthly ‘Artist’s Corner’ post where we want to know about your creative practises and devotional inspirations.

It can be anything from carving to knitting, from writing to singing, or even just walking in the woods. We will post pictures or poems be they your own or someone elses as long as you write a few words to say why and how it is something that helps to bring on that stillness. Send you reviews, stories, inspirations to us at

The first official post will be at the end of December and then the end of each month from then after.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do”