Why Are You Here?

On the February 2013 Weekend Working Retreat, after dinner we did a round of asking everyone to say something about why they’d decided come. Many of us had travelled a long way, to a house in the middle of nowhere, to spend a very chilly weekend doing manual work.

“Lots of people really benefit from Buddhafield and the Festival, from the retreats … and since I first came to the Festival eight years ago I’ve always been really moved by how Buddhafield can transform, or whatever it does to people … you know, its really powerful, just to see one person undergo some sort of experinece of insight or something at the Festival, to me makes it all worth while and … you know, I’m really hooked on that, I’m here because I want so much to be part of actually making that happen for people, even if it means just putting together some wires, or painting stuff, whatever, its all part of the package, right down to the teachings of the Dharma and that’s why I’m here, I want to be a part of making that … it’s doing good service in the name of the Dharma. That sums it up really.”

More on theĀ February 2013 Weekend Working Retreat in a previous post.