Green Earth Awakening 2013: Update 1

Rosie Lancaster is workshop co-ordinator at Buddhafield’s Green Earth Awakening Camp 24-27 May 2013. Here’s the first in a series of programme updates.

Really Wild Forest School

Really Wild Forest School is based in Crediton, Devon. Their ethos; “your child experiences nature and the outdoor environment in a safe, secure and hands on way and is encouraged to investigate & explore and develop a lifelong love and understanding of the natural environment. Children learn to respect all living things in the hope that they will become future stewards of the Earth. Exploring, playing and learning using a range of activities is what Forest School is all about because children learn best from direct experience. Building a sense of independence, high self-esteem and team work are integral parts of Forest School.”

Emma Byrnes is the company director at Really Wild Forest School and is a qualified Forest School Leader. She graduated with an HND in Criminology in 2006. She is an experienced facilitator, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Teacher and has a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Emma has worked with children for nearly 20 years and has always shared with them her love of nature. She is the proud mummy and step mother of three lovely girls aged 10, 9 and a few months old.