Buddhafield Dharma by Lokabandu

Buddhafield Dharma — Series I Now Available

Lokabandhu writes from Glastonbury to say “I’m delighted to let you know we’ve just published Buddhafield Dharma — Series I”. This is a collection of essays by Buddhafield teachers in which they begin to articulate Buddhafield’s special approach to the Dharma; you’ll find it at www.issuu.com/buddhafield and hopefully on the “shelf” below:

There’s nine contributions in all, a rich feast of Dharma writing. First off is an introduction by Akasati, entitled ‘Ecology, Buddhism and Buddhafield’. That’s followed (in alphabetical order) by:

  • Akuppa, Strive On: Five ways to stay Sane and True and survive Global Meltdown
  • Dhiramati, Myth, Poetry and the Goddess
  • Kamalashila, The Living Elements’ and also Community, Nature, and Reality
  • Khemasuri, Building an Ethical Underworld’ (sub-titled “Lessons from the Mafia”!)
  • Lokabandhu, Shouting Out Beauty: Listening to the Wisdom of Nature
  • Maitrisara, Gracing the Earth: Buddhist Reflections on a Damaged Planet and finally
  • Paramananda, ‘On Retreat with Buddhafield

Most (not all) of them started life as talks for the Dharma Parlour on the 2009 or 2010 Buddhafield Festivals, but they’ve been extensively edited and reworked since then, mostly under Akasati’s watchful eye.

They’re published in a beautifully-designed on-line book format that both saves loads of paper and makes them easy to share with friends. It’s the first time we’ve tried this approach but it makes for a remarkably pleasant reading experience! The essays were originally envisaged as a book to be published by Triratna’s Windhorse Publications, but they pulled out due to other commitments and we decided to go down the on-line publishing route instead.

I hope you enjoy reading them and look out for more in the future!