Recently you may have read that Devapriya has been very ill and in hospital. Having made a remarkable recovery, he was hoping to return home, but we are profoundly sad to have to say that he hasn’t managed to do so and that it now looks as though his time is very short. Please bear him in mind with metta and, if you feel moved to, chant the Tara Mantra for him. (You can find out about more about Tara on the Wildmind website if you aren’t familiar with her, her mantra, or why chanting it might be significant.)

For those of you that don’t know Devapriya, he has made an inestimable contribution to Buddhafield, especially to our Family Friendly Retreat. He has struggled with physical ill-health for many years. Undaunted by his physical limitations and supported by many friends, he has shown the remarkable capacity to participate in Buddhafield activities.

At Dhiramati’s suggestion, Lokabandhu has put together an album of ‘Rejoicing’ for Devapriya. The intention was to print it and present it to him as a book and we hope he still may be able to see it. It’s very clear from all the contributions that came in, over just a few days, that he deeply touched the hearts of many.

The featured photograph was taken at Buddhafield Festival 2012. The weather was mixed and the ground difficult in places, but partly due to Devapriya’s unfailing determination and partly the willing help of the many people that valued him, he participated as best he could. He was carried around site on this makeshift litter. (Thanks to Dharmacharini Osadhi for the use of the photograph.)

Update: Devapriya died very peacefully on 1 November 2012.  His old friends Annie Munro, Rehana, Carl Davies, Kamalashila, Satyajit and Rosie, plus his sister Akasacitta, were with him.